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"Make Milwaukee": Make Racine!

Listen: We've spent the last 10 weeks exploring Milwaukee's creative community, and if I've discovered anything in that time -- we don't need to stop. Ever. We've touched a lot of great stories and creative voices, but far more will be saved for the future. Creativity always has a home on RadioMilwaukee, but we'll be kicking off our youth campaign in the coming weeks.

That being said, at the tale end of the creative campaign, we present a piece that takes on a concept I've always wanted to try out -- taking a field trip to a neighboring community. While our name is "RadioMilwaukee," our terrestrial signal goes far beyond the bounds of the city limits and the internet stream goes anywhere you can find internet access. Since the word "explore" has been used in this campaign so many times I've lost count, why not get out of city (and out of the county) to learn about what's going on just a short drive away?

So, that's just what we did -- Jessica Zalewski from the Racine Art Museum dashes us through an expeditious tour of Racine's creative community, our neighbors to the near south:

Before this trip, I really hadn't spent much time in and around the Racine area and I'm definitely going to go back in the near future to get a little bit more in depth. Also, because today is my last day at 88Nine, there was an entire second half of the tour I'm not going to be able to produce. Jessica and I hit four other creative Racine spots:  Art Metal StudioFunky Hannah'sHot Shop Glass, and of course,  the Racine Art Museum. Go and get your own tour!

Below, check out some photos Jessica took during our audio tour, including those spots that did not appear in audio: