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Wonder-Ful Samples

Steve Wonder is our focus this week on 7 o'clock sample.  Stevie has been creating great music for over 4 decades, and with his birthday next week, I thought we'd take a closer look at his music.

Stevie's career began at a very young age.   Barry Gordy signed him at the age of 12, and he had already released 5 albums before the project we are looking at today.  In 1966, Stevie released DOWN TO EARTH on Tamla.  This project took Stevie out of the "cute little boy" spotlight and into a whole new realm.

Great songs on this project, including "My World Is Empty Without You" and "Hey Love".



This classic Stevie jam has been sampled by several artists.  Kwame, R.Kelly and in 1991 De La Soul used this on their song "Talkin 'Bout Hey Love".


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