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Sample Wonders

This week on 7 o'clock Sample we are exploring the music of the great STEVIE WONDER.

In 1973 Motown released Innervisions.  This is arguably one of his best albums.  The arrangement and production on this project is a testament to the genius of Stevie. This album featured a lot of synth and new technology. Stevie was one of the first soul artists to experiment with this technology on a mass scale, and Innervisions was hugely influential on the subsequent future of commercial black music. Stevie also played all or virtually all instruments on six of the album's nine tracks, making most of Innervisions a representative one-man band. 

This album features so many great tracks... "Don't You Worry About A Thing", "Golden Lady" and one of my favs... "Too High".



This track has been sampled by many groups over the years.

Here are a few of my favs.

Royksopp's "Vison One"



Dwele "Down Jimmy"



and the LIKS ( Alkaholiks ) with "All Night"


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