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Freebie | Give Your Mom "The Very Best" This Mother's Day (Literally)

Did you forget to get your mom something this Mother's day, or are you on a very strict budget?  Well the afro, indie-pop group The Very Best, consisting of Malawian Esau Mwamwaya and London producers Johan & Karlberg, just released a free mixtape dedicated to all the moms from around the globe.

"We are super excited to finally give you a new free
mixtape! We have called it ‘Super Mom’ in celebration
of Africa as Esau Mwamwaya’s home continent
and the origin of mankind and music. It’s also a celebration
of every mother in the world, hence why we
give this away to you on mother’s day. Please make
sure to give it to YOUR mom; we think she will like
it (The Very Best is the only music Johan Hugo has
made that his mom has ever liked!)"

The name of the mixtape is called "Super Mom" and it features 12 beautiful songs that will get you and your mom dancing this Mother's Day. They borrowed voices of artists that they admire for this mixtape including, Cee-Lo, Kate Bush, LCD Soundsystem, Billy Idol, and more. Plus they produced "Super Mom" and "Ndekha", which are two new and original songs especially made for the mixtape.

The Very Best  partnered with the organization Invisible Children, who makes documentaries about war-affected children in east Africa and tours them around the world. The Very Best included one of their videos in the free download of the mixtape, which you can grab from The Very Best's website.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Download The Very Best's Super Mom Mixtape.

The Very Best - Super Mom

The Very Best & Cee-Lo - What Part Of Forever

The Very Best & Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

If you are too familar with The Very Best, here are a couple of videos that will give you a good introduction.



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