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Be Heard: Express Yourself Milwaukee

This morning, we had the pleasure of having Lori Vance, Executive Director fo Express Yourself Milwaukee, in the studio.  Lori was joined by Cammie Griffin of the broadway hit "musical" STOMP!  Cammie and Lori were in to let us all know about  their annual multi-arts performance on Thursday, May 12th at 6pm at the beautiful Humphrey Scottish Rite Center.

This year’s artistic theme, PULSE is a year’s culmination between professional EYM artists and youth, featuring students from 8th Street School, Our Next Generation, Westside Academy, Running Rebels Community Organization, St. Aemilian Lakeside with representation from the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center.

Hear what Lori and Cammie had to say about the event here, and for more information, visit