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414 Music | Elusive Parallelograms Rock out Today! | May 19, 2011 |

With a cryptic, mysterious band name like “Elusive Parallelograms,” you’d better have the music and the lyrical content to back it up, and this band of five Midwestern friends has both in abundance roaring out of their amps every time they play – they’ve conjured a potent blend of modern, colorful psychedelic ‘shoe-gazer’ style rock full of great choruses, fast-paced electric guitars, and smartly introspective lyrics that are as fun to interpret as they are to sing along to.

Based out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Elusive Parallelograms was founded several years ago as a basement band playing college parties, and they say they knew early on that they wanted to create some special music together. After recording a couple of early releases, EP came together to record the album and everything changes – what they call “way schizophrenic and short.” 

They join us live today for an exclusive sesh, Showcasing some songs off their new album.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee