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Freebie | Download The 4th Annual RadioMilwaukee Music Awards Winners' Compilation

Back in February, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee hosted its 4th Annual RadioMilwaukee Music Awards at The Wherehouse.  We handed out awards to some of Milwaukee finest artists and bands.  Some of you miss the festivities and to show what you might have missed, we decided to offer a a free downloadble compilation of some of the winners.  We asked the winners for permission to allow us to put one of their tracks on a winners' compilation.  Finally, after weeks of getting permissions and getting the artwork, the compilation is complete and ready for you to download for FREE!  You can grab the compilation here or you can listen to the tracks and download it below.

Thanks to DeChazier Stokes-Johnson for the design of the compilation artwork. Follow him on twitter at @blackmarmalade.

Song of the Year
Wild Birds - "Like A Cigarette"

Solo Artist of The Year
Ethan Keller - "Come To Pass"

Catchiest Song of the Year
Herman Astro - "Sambawete"

Best CD Artwork
Faux Fir - "Baggage Claim"

Most Memorable Live Show
Prophetic - "Livin' In The Sky"

Best Music Video
Fatty Acids - "Astrovan"

Band of the Year
I'm Not A Pilot - "Bottle Rocket"

Saturday Session of the Year
DJ Slym - "Give Me Love"

Best Disc We Missed
¡OYE! - "O.Y.E."




Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee