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Milwaukee's Blessed Feathers signs to Listening Party Records, Releases Free Download

The local boutique label Listening Party Records has been busy releasing amazing music from Decibully, Def Harmonic, Lunaversol9, Lookbook, and He Can Jog..  They continue releasing great music by recently signing the Milwaukee band Blessed Feathers.

" Blessed Feathers is the result of restless songwriting by a couple of folks who write and sing songs in the kettled forests of southeast Wisconsin. Together they furiously bang away at their small army of guitars, banjos, accordions, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Come see us in person. Shake our hands. We’d like that."

The group will be putting out a new album in September called "From the Mouths of the Middle Class."  The album will be available as a limited-edition vinyl and as a pay-what-you-like digital download.  Blessed Feathers recorded the entire album in an apartment during this past winter.

In the meantime, they just dropped their single "By Song Through Americas" for a free download.  Blessed also released a retro video for the song, which you can view below. 




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