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Across The Rio Styx, Deep Spanish Blues

This week's Sound Travels has been all about new and vintage garage rock from Latin America. That is with one notable exception, a superb, lo-fi, swampy, monstrous delta-punk blues band called Guadalupe Plata, who are actually from Ubeda, Spain. One listen will have you wondering if you're not listening to some lost session between John Lee Hooker and Screamin' Jay Hawkins with R.L. Burnside sitting in Son House's house. 

If you are a fan of vintage blues and think there's nothing new, then you really need to check this band out. If you got a thing for the punk aesthetic, gotsta check this. If you like music with attitude...well you know what I'm saying here... . Especially because to try is easy, you can download both their excellent 2009 EP and their brand new, even awesome-er new release on bandcamp for free here. That's right, fresh-- and free!

Although at SXSW this year, Tarik missed them and so I wanted to show you a bit more of what they're about...

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