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Take the Seniors (and the Youth) Bowling, Take Them Bowling! SSHK Week 8

I love to bowl, although I am pretty lousy at it, but no matter...COA Goldin Center, in a partnership with the Dominican's Women's Center and youth from NOVA school (located AT COA Goldin Center), brings together an intergenerational dialogue between senior citizens and youth..and this dialogue took place over bowling, pizza, and cool bowling shoes.

I popped over to Bowlero Lanes to talk to Katie Polace, the youthful and articulate Teen Program Manager at COA Goldin Center, and three very driven youth leaders, all of whom define what it means to truly LISTEN to the voice of other generations. At this particular event, the senior citizens and the youth decided to make this an generational battle of the bowlers, so it was kids against the grown-ups, and let me tell you, it was pretty cut-throat...I wish I had time to participate, but I did get to don bowling shoes...

Prick up your earballs!