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Open Ticket! Sound Traves Covers The World

Open Ticket! all week long on Sound Travels, which means you pick where we go each day at noon. This day saw an interesting batch and a competitive vote between Tropical Calypso, Brazilian Jam Bands, Japanese Baile Funk and International covers stole the show(just barely). So I got a lot into the set, even some calypso. If you missed it or are looking for the titles, here you go...

Amral's Trinidad Steel Orchestra "90% of You Is Me" Calypsoul!

The Dynamics "7 Nation Army" Version Excursion

Sroeng Santi "Keun Keun Lueng Lueng" Thai? Dai!

Banda Uniao Black "Everone's A Winner" Uniao Black

Miele "Melo do Tagarela" 

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee