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Open Ticket! A Zouglou Sound Travels

So the last Open Ticket of the week ends on a style of music from West Africa known as Zouglou. Zouglou is also a style of dance, and this fact is not lost in the listening. Infectious and compelling, the sound pretty much has its way with you from the earbone to the footbone and everything in between. In some ways, me offering it as a choice was pretty much an excuse for me to play one of the biggest acts in the genre and a particular favorite of mine, Magic System.

Magic System, out of Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast in West Africa has been hard at work since the mid 90's honing a sound that is big, anthemic and irrepressibly happy. Their success is built on the music, but their live shows confirm that talent, and demand for the band in Africa is so great that they would be a huge success without ever needing a hit anywhere else. Nonetheless, their music has earned a legion of fans around the world and in particular in France, where they regularly play to sold out halls and stadiums. 

Here, they are as yet unknown, but I aims to change that; at least in the Mil. So I do what i do and this is what I did today...

Magic System "Zouglou Dance" & "L'eau Va Manquer"

Yang System "Djolo National"

Petit Denis "Securite"

Sur-Choc "On Est La Pour Danser"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee