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Fulani Blues, French Reggae and Brazilian Beats?... Must Be A Sound Travels Trip

Some really nice music today on Sound Travels (if I may say so myself). A bit of flavor from a few places; Brazil, France, Cali and some raw trance-blues from Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara to start the set.

Going as JuJu (an amalgam of the part of their names that they share and a play on the word juju, which is what outsiders often called African religion in their disdainful igorance), Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara have really hit it on this new album aptly titled In Trance that just hit stores early this month. Their music has been excellent , their last two albums were intriguingly deep and this one is absolutely undeniable. The music is not pop, every song built on the griot skills that are Juldeh Camara's forte and the drone guitar chops that Justin Adams layers and weaves to psych-blue perfection. Joining them on this album is Shriekback drummer Martyn Barker, who teamed with the erstwhile duo to record this project in one take, sans overdubs and no faked funk. Highly recommended!

JuJu "Nighthawk" In Trance

Afrika Gumbe are an intriguing act from Rio De Janeiro who formed in the late 80's and just haven't stopped. Good thing because I really like their sound which is embarrassingly rich in African rhythms and held together with a nice sense of lyricism evident even if you nao fala Portugues. All their bio stuff is in Portuguese unfortunately, so you'll have to settle with this awesome song and keep your queries for another day...

Afrika Gumbe "Folha Seca De Didi" Meu Refrao Inquieto

This one came up in my search for one last tune for today's set and wow... Uh yeah, this is a pretty awesome song from Nates-based French artist Framix. Again, this one apparently is not for export cause I can't find much in English. I ain't mad though, this tune is amazing, early reggae vibes laced up with a cool vocal flow. Apparently, that's been the m.o. of this cat since 1998. And, as dense and layered as the sound is, it's all solo. I'm good to go, whatever Framix does, I'm with it!

Framix "I Can't Refuse It" I Can't Refuse It (single)

This last song popped up on a mix I got late last year, and I ran across it the other day and it stayed stuck in my head all weekend-- which is why it's here today. J Boog is the stage name of Jarell Houston who used to be in a boy band called B2K back in the day (yeah, the one that had P-Diddy in it on that #1 hit "Bump, Bump, Bump"). Well, that aside-- this is a pretty nice tune from an otherwise undistinguished EP that is pretty over-produced and wilty-smooth-- except for this coldest of cuts. Check it!

J Boog "Coldest Zone" EP

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