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Locust Street Festival: Music Lovers, Foodies, and Fun-Loving Folks Unite/The Neighborhood Project Week 1

Locust Street Festival is an annual event taking place each summer in the Riverwest Neighborhood. The event includes live local music, booths, food, bevvies, doggies, people, face-painting, Tai Chi demonstrations from the Tai Chi name it, this festival has it. For one day, Riverwesterners flock to Locust Street, and so do Milwaukeeans from all over the city to engage in some neighborly banter and camaraderie. I live merely 3 blocks north of Locust Street, so I took my faithful companion, Naima the Uber-Border Collie, my PMD 661, and a camera, and talked to folks about what makes Riverwest such a unique and close-knit community...