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Chelsay LOVES Burnham Park! Neighborhood Project Week 2

Chelsay is a regular of JoJo's Fried Chicken AND a resident of Burnham Park. I met her serendipitously while interviewing JoJo himself at his famous Burnham Park establishment. Although she works out of the neighborhood, she has been residing in Burnham Park for just under a year, although she has family who have been there much longer. Chelsay provides an insider's look at what she loves about Burnham Park, including the locals, the kids, the parks, and those famous homes on Burnham off Layton Blvd..hint hint...

Burnham Park is host to a series of Frank Lloyd Wright Homes just off West Layton Blvd. and Burnham. These homes were built specifically for residential use, and were meant to be affordable and utilitarian, while still providing that distinctive, Frank Lloyd Wright Style. These "American System-Built Homes" are indigenous ONLY to Milwaukee; there are no others like them in any other city. How cool is THAT? You can learn more about these little gems in the Burnham Park, you can visit