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Summerfest Artist To Watch | The Right Now (performs opening day)

Well, today is the first day of the big gig known as Summerfest. There are lot of great bands playing that you probably have heard of, but what about those bands that you haven't heard before.  One of those bands is playing today (6/29) on the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage at 8:30pm.

The name of the band is The Right Now out of Chicago.  The band sent me some music a few months back, and I featured them on Rhythm Lab Radio.  The 9-piece band plays some amazing soul music that would make anyone shake their moneymaker.  They have also played with Milwaukee's Kings Go Forth.  So if you are heading to Summerfest today, make sure you catch this band, you will not regret it!





You can even download a free song from The Right Now in exchange for an email.



Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee