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Outkast To Release A New Album In 2012, Andre 3000 To Play Jim Hendrix in Film

What could be one of the most anticipated albums of the last five years, might actually be released in 2012.  Big Boi & Andre 3000 better known as Outkast are planning to released a new album in 2012 according to a reliable online hip hop site "Hip Hop Wired."  Not since their soundtrack Idlewild has duo work together on an album.   According to the article, the two are in studio working on the album right now.  "Hip Hop Wired" also reports that both Big Boi and Andre 3000 will release solo projects by the end of 2012.  Let's hope this holds true, because I can take anymore rumors like this.

In other Outkast related news, Andre 3000 may be set to play the iconic Jimi Hendrix in a forthcoming biopic about the legendary guitaritst. This comes from the lead actress from Captain America Haley Atwell.  According to Atwell, her next project will be the Hendrix biopic and the filmakers have picked Andre 3000 to play the lead role.




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