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Bahian Beats, Reggae Country and Something Afrolicious - Sound Travels

I've been a big fan of Nickodemus' for a while now. Matter of fact, I remember the freshness that was the first Turntables On The Hudson and have followed him through all the other EP's and albums over the years and that only makes me appreciate the steadiness and quality always evident on these compilations that are in some ways a chronicle. Turntables on The Hudson is, after all, a monthly residency at NYC's Cielo, which bills itself as "New York's Most Legendary Club." Normally I'm skeptical of claims of this nature, but if the music on this comp started there, then maybe... Peep this deep afro-electro cut from Afrolicious.

Afrolicious "Youb For Mali" Nickodemus Presents - Turntables On The Hudson vol. 8


Federico Aubeleis back again on Sound Travels with another dark, smoky mood of a song on a new EP that came out over the weekend. The Argentins singer-songwriter is good pals with the Theivery Corporation cats and with this release on their lebel, that makes three straight great albums in one week for the crew at Eighteenth Street Lounge. Keep 'em comin if they're anything like See-I's relaese or even the new one from Theivery Corporation.

Federico Aubele "Bohemian Rhapsody In Blue" No One EP


Da Cruz is an interesting collaboration between vocalist Mariana Da Cruz (a Paulista with deep Bahian roots) and Swiss producer Anne H. With their band, they fuse electro, afrobeat, breaks, Ethio-jazz and kuduro to paint a different picture of what Brazilian music is and can be. This is not sun-shiny samba for the swingin set, this is edgy and modern, unsupported by anything you think you know about Brazil. Indeed, this band is very interesting and has enough facets that sooner or later you'll realized you've got a gem on your hands...

Da Cruz "Papo De" Sistema Subversiva

Composed of many veterans from the reggae scene in Santa Barbara, California, the band Cornerstone get a lot right on their eponymous debut which just came out this month. There is a lot to like about this group, but it starts with the music. Check out this nice one...

Cornerstone "Country" Cornerstone


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