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Atmosphere's New Video Addresses The Problem of Domestic Abuse

I always like  Atmosphere for their ability to display their growth and evolution with each album.  Unlike other hip hop records that talk about things that I can't relate to or care less about,  their songs address every day life problems and situations.  Their new video for their song "Last To Say" from their latest album "The Family Sign" addresses a very serious problem that occurs a lot in this country, which is domestic abuse.

The video premieres on MTV in conjunction with their ACT campaign on July 13 in hopes of spreading awareness about the seriousness of this issue and help individuals understand the impact of domestic abuse on victims, families, and our communities. Of the video, MTV states it is a "powerful, poignant visual document that, like much of Atmosphere's work, is honest and unrelenting in its depiction of relational and societal issues. This is hip-hop leagues away from the carefree world of the club; it's a call to action for an all-too-common problem." Please feel free to share this video and help Atmosphere with their fight to raise awareness and encourage action to end domestic abuse.

Photo credit: Dan Monick


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