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Parlez-Vous Sound Travels?

Sounds Travelled vintage yesterday, so we get fresh for today; new music from France. Pop for the most part. And to tell you the honest truth, I'm not even sure how popular any of these artists are, but I know music and I thought all of this was good enough for me, good enough for you. 

Of course the big reason for all the Gaul is the fact that Bastille Days is on the near horizon and will be settling down in Cathedral Square for the weekend for North America's biggest Bastille Day celebration right on our own front yard. I always love Bastille Days in Milwaukee for the truly festival-in-the-city vibe it has. Well that, plus the great food and French music. So I'm in the mood to make your mood so the mood will be just right on Thursday night. For more details on Bastille Days Line-ups, and peep the music I had for Wednesday-- maybe a song to get you started on your own tri 

Rachid Taha "Bonjour" Bonjour

Karimouche "Che pas c'ke Je Veux" Emballage D'Origine

Zaz "Je Veux" Zaz

Jérome Minière "Avril"  Le Vrai Le Faux

Anis "Jose" Rodeo Boulevard

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