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New New Orleans Brass... The Democratic Republic of Sound Travels

Sound Travels this week is pretty much up to you. That is to say, every morning this week, I'll be posting a list of do-ables on Facebook for you to vote on. So we kicked it off today with some new New Orleans brass bands and songs. Tarik was kind enough to hook me up with the New Birth Brass Band cut as well as Alex Clare's. Interestingly enough Alex Clare was once the late Amy Winehouse's boyfriend. Of course we had to have some Galactic in the set. And since  Hypnotic Brass Ensemblehas a new album,  Bulletproof Brass, I thought I'd get you hip to it quick-- hell, it ain't even out yet. We ended the set with a clever cover of the Marvin Gaye classic "Sexual Healing" from The Hot 8 Brass Band. Hope you all liked it, there will be another round of voting and more music tomorrow...

New Birth Brass Band "Unanae" New Orleans Second Line

Galactic "Boe Money" Ya-Ka-May

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble "Touch The Sky" Bulletproof Brass

Alex Clare "Hands Are Clever" The Lateness Of The Hour

Hot 8 Brass Band "Sexual Healing" Single

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