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The Milwaukee Observatory/Neighborhood Project Week 5

The Art and Archeology of Me is a unique program that allows Bay View High School students along with the help of Discovery World Professionals, to explore the history of Milwaukee in both old and new ways. The students research neighborhoods, archeology and our city’s history through media literacy, design and visual art. The students created banners, audio walking tours and a large public art installation called “The Milwaukee Observatory”.  The Milwaukee Observatory is located on the lawn of the Bay View Historical Society at 2590 S. Superior Street. The Observatory is a tribute to the people of the Bay View and Clarke Square Neighborhoods, and it allows both neighborhoods to explore and reflect on each other’s history. On the lawn itself are four 12’ high “Faces of the Future”. The faces are banners that represent the people of Milwaukee. In addition, over forty markers help point to different significant historical sites throughout the city. 

At the center of the Observatory is the Cultural Memory House where people can add their own personal stories to the history of Milwaukee. There’s also a community table dedicated to Bay View residents. Students will be on hand to record stories, scan old photographs and historical documents, and to take photographs of Bay View residents. The Milwaukee Observatory will be split between two locations this year: The Bay View Historical Society and Mitchell Park in the Clarke Square Neighborhood. It opens July 30th through August 13th. If you’d like to speak with the high school students, they will be on site on July 30th, August 6th and August 13th from 10 until 2 p.m. The Observatory will be at Mitchell Park on August 20th and 21st.