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Amaranth Cafe: Serving the Community in More Ways Than One/Neighborhood Project Week 6

Dave Boucher and his wife, Stephanie, own Amaranth Cafe, an understated little gem on 34th and Lisbon. I was introduced to this place by Andor Mark Horvath (there's a story about him on our website as well), and have been popping in ever since. Not only do Dave and Stephanie offer up sumptuous bakery, they also are responsible for community garden projects as well as their OWN garden adjacent to Amaranth's outdoor patio. You can pop down on Fridays and Saturdays for some smoked fare: turkey, pork, brats, and dogs...served up by the grillmaster, BJ, and let me tell you....this is SMOKIN'....come on down for some home-made breads, brioche, tarts, and some good straight-ahead jazz piped over the speakers..



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