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Inschallah Mixtape...Sound Travels Sunday

Sound Travels this Sunday almost got lost amidst the tangled details of life... Lollapalooza 2011 is really what I meant, meaning I almost didn't make it back in time for the mix, given that I was constantly on the move and moving really fast Sunday night. Between catching acts in Chicago, and a train to Milwaukee, the mixtape and Sound Travels live at the Nomad World Pub; I feel a little remixed myself...

So the mixtape picked up where I left off on Wednesday with music from desert lands. Ultimately, a mix of downtempo, electronic and traditional songs from the Middle East Asia and North Africa and/or artists influenced by this vibration. Hereis the mix and the tracklisting...

Sound Travels Sunday - Inschallah Mixtape

DESERT BREEZE MIXTAPE by radiomilwaukee


Omar Souleyman "Eih Min Elemkom" Jazeera Nights

Wafik Habib "Banat Ghrabo" Sabia

Badawi "Anthrax Sandwich" 

Abhay Nabosi "Rebirth" 

Bobby Fearless "Easy Sleep (Thai Mix)"

Cheikha Rimitti "Nouar" 

Orchestre National de Barbes "Lemouima" Poulina

Raina Rai "Hagda" Raina Rai, Zina

Punjabi Notes "The Fire"

Radar "Caravane feat Christophe Roze"

Balqis "Habibi"

Youcef "Salam"

The Spy From Cairo "Ala Shan" Secretly Famous

Data A "Swansong (Deeper Than One Mix)"

Hussein El Jasmy "Alsobh"

The Spy From Cairo "Kurdish Delight"

Kalilla "Halfa"

Amina Alaoui "Oh Andalucia"

Dhanab Al Jady "Wild Wadi"

Cheikha Rimitti "Guendouzi Mama"

Fouad "Arabian Dreams"

Cheb Tarik "L'Histoire"

Abdullah Al Rowaished "Gharrouk" Hadramiyat 2

Cheb Bilal "Ouled El Horma" 

Amal Saha "Sabra And Shatilla" Ecstatic Music Of Jemaa El Fna

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee