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The Menomonee Valley Partners Partner Up with the Urban Ecology Center/Neighborhood Project Week 8

Laura Bray, Executive Director of Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc. and Beth Fetterly Heller,  Urban Ecology Center's Senior Director of Education and Strategic Planning, take me (and now YOU) on a guided audio tour....of....the site of the soon-to-be Urban Ecology Center Menomonee Valley! Yes, that's'll meet the Mighty Muralist Chad Brady himself, hear the rhythmic rolling of a train, and learn more about the connection between the UEC, Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc., the Hank Aaron State Trail: there's even a video you can watch to find out even more. Get thee to the Hank Aaron State Trail in the Menomonee Valley and see (and hear) for yourself.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee