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Cead Mile Failte... to Sound Travels

Got a bit deep today on   Sound Travels; deep into Irish music that is. Deep like Gaelic deep. Songs in the ancient tongue of Ireland aren't hard to come by, but good ones are if you don't know the lingo. I do not by the way, so with a bit of luck I landed an excellent comp called Ceol '10 Suil Siar

The cd is an innovative & imaginative approach to promote the Gaelic language through music. And the comp features a few artists you may know, like Swell Season, who reinterpret their hit "Falling Slowly," featured in the movie Once, in Irish Gaelic. Others like Bell X1, a RadioMilwaukee favorite, also turn over new versions of their tunes. Speaking the mother tongue is a big deal in Ireland and a project like this helps promote culture in a way few others can, by making it cool. I'll have more from this comp later this week, but here's what I had today...

Swell Season "Gra Dom Leonadh" 

Kila "Cabraighí Leí"

Fiach "Is Aoibhne"

The Walls "Grian Gheal Lonrach"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee