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Be Heard: The Milwaukee River Challenge

The 11th Annual Milwaukee River Challengeis coming to town tomorrow, Saturday, September 17 th. It’s where dozens of college and club teams test their strength on the Milwaukee and Menomonee rivers.

The 3 mile challenge will start at 25 th and Canal Streets on the Menomonee River, then it will head east to the Milwaukee River and later northward to Schlitz Park.

Spectators will be able to hang out on Milwaukee bridges, or watch from outdoor seating at riverside restaurants, the Schlitz Park, and Milwaukee’s Riverwalk. The Milwaukee River Challenge is the most accessible rowing race for spectators in the U.S.

I sat down in the studio with Gary Grunau, from Schlitz Park/Riverwalk District, and he told me all about the challenge. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee