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Sound Travels au Cinema Francais

Sound the cinema, as it turns out. Not only have I been featuring world music, connecting it to the films from countries being featured on the silver screen during The Milwaukee Film Festival, but I am also taking the global grooves live to the opening Night Party at Discovery World tonight. 

Tonight, in keeping with this new tradition, Milwaukee's premier film event, The Milwaukee Film Festival is having a party. The event at Discovery World on the Lakefront begins at 8pm. I'll be there with Jordan "Madhatter" Lee and DJ Rekha is flying in for a monster set of bhangra and beats. Conveniently, I'll spin a set much like what I had today; vintage 60's pop from Fance and around the world. Why French pop? Well that leads to my second reason for writing thisee here blog, the film Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, which is a biopic drama based on the life story of legendary club singer Serge Gainsbourg

I had a chance to screen this movie early and I loved it enough to make it a Sound Travels pick for the festival. Gainsbourg starts on uneven footing but quickly finds its form, giving light to the motivations and major movements of Serge Gainsbourg's life. From his early roots as a Jew in pre-World War II France to his early career as a painter and small club accompanist to his rise to prominence and on into the full scope of his fame. Overall, it's a very entertaining look into the life of this very famous performer whose true skill is not just writing songs, but making them and himself as well as the singers whom he worked with-- sexy, tres tres sexy. A truly stylish film that easily gets the Sound Travels stamp of approval. Here's the trailer...

Oh Yeah, and here's the music I played on the air to get you in the Gallic mood...

Serge Gainsbourg "Bonnie & Clyde"

Sylvie Vartan "Le Grand Amour (Son Of A Preacher Man)"

Eileen "Ces Bottes Sont Fait Pour Marcher"

Serge Gainsbourg "Qui Est "In" et Que Est "Out"" 

Etienne Daho & Charlotte Gainsbourg "If"

Monique Thubert "Avec Les Oreilles" 

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