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Bollywood Nights, Sound Travels to The Film Festival

Sound Travels goes to Bollywood all week as the Milwaukee Film Festival Swings into full gear here this week in Milwaukee. With theaters all over town, it's pretty easy to catch an unusual and most likely, intriguing film. Last week on Sound Travels we had a bevy of picks from many different countries. This week, it's all about India, the focus of the Festival itself. 

With no fewer than eight different films playing over the course of the Festival, you may find yourself in a position to catch one or a few. I screened Marathon Boy the other day, caught up on the inside story of that talented Indian three-year-old who could run marathons in a compelling documentary that will be showing this Friday at the Downer Theater. Robot, another compelling movie, about a robot granted the ability to love, looks interesting (and particulary musical.) In fact, throughout the week I'll be letting you know about the Indian film connection at the Film Festival.



For me however, the connection is definitely a musical one. Meaning...Bollywood has good world music,  Sound Travels is all about that sort of salt and you know I'm gonna play some sort of thing at noon anyway. Today, it was classic Bollywood; vintage stuff, really. Including a bizzare version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by Bollywood great Asha Bhosle. Check the set...

Asha Bhosle "Twinlke Twinkle Little Star" Purab Aur Pachhim

Kishore Kumar "O Saathi Re"

Asha Bohsle "Jaan Pahechan Ho" Gumnaam

Charanjit Singh "Pyar Chahiye Keh Paisa" 

R.D. Burman "Dance Music"

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee