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My Name Is.. Labi Siffre

Today we go back a few years to a BIG hit for Eminem...

While this song needs very little intorduction, the story of this sample is quite interesting.

In 1975, Labi Siffre recorded the album Remember My Song on EMI.  The first track on the LP titled "I Got The", has been sampled by many Hip Hop acts.  From Jay-Z and Wu-Tang Clan to Atmosphere and The Beatnuts, this track has been used several times.  It's most famous, ( and likely most profitable use ) was in 1998, when Dr. Dre sampled this for Eminem's major label debut.

Labi originally did not clear the sample, as he felt that Eminem was a "lazy writter."  Once the song was cleaned up, the sample was cleared.  It's a great sample, and if I had written the track, I too would have held out for more.

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