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Weekly Download | Milagres - "Here To Stay"

This week's free download comes from the band Milagres.  Take a listen to and download their song "Here To Stay"

Milagres are an indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The band was founded in 2010 and signed to the music label Kill Rock Stars in Spring of 2011. The band released their national debut, Glowing Mouth, in September of 2011 and previously released an album, Seven Summits, independently in 2008, under a different name and lineup.

Kyle Wilson (lead singer), Fraser McCulloch (bass, keys, backing vocals), and Eric Schwortz (guitar, backing vocals, percussion) met while attending New York University, Drummer, Steven Leventhal was a friend of Schwortz from High School, and Keyboardist, Chris Brazee knew McCulloch from High School, where they were in a band together. The band was on shaky ground when Wilson went on a mountain climbing expedition in 2010. After sustaining a fall and back injury he wrote many of the songs that would become a part of Glowing Mouth; while bed ridden. Upon hearing the album, music label Kill Rock Stars signed the band sight unseen. (source: Wikipedia)

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