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Watch a BBC Documentary on How Prince Revolutionised The Perception of Black Music

You have to admit the BBC knows how to document the stories of amazing musicians and artists.  The BBC Four recently aired a series entitled "Black Legends Of The 1980s." The series covered Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie,  Public Enemy, and Prince. You can actually watch the entire episode of Prince below.

Documentary film which explores how Prince - showman, artist, enigma - revolutionised the perception of black music in the 1980s with worldwide hits such as 1999, Kiss, Raspberry Beret and Alphabet Street. He became a global sensation with the release of the Oscar-winning, semi-autobiographical movie Purple Rain in 1984, embarking on an incredible journey of musical self-discovery that continues to this day.

From the psychedelic Around the World in a Day to his masterpiece album Sign O' the Times and experiments with hip hop and jazz, Prince remains one of most ambitious and prolific songwriters of his generation. He tested the boundaries of taste and decency with explicit sexual lyrics and stage shows during his early career and in the 1990s fought for ownership of his name and control of his music, played out in a public battle with his former label, Warners. Still in demand as one of the most flamboyant live performers around, Prince remains a controversial and elusive creative force - as much a mystery as ever.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee