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New World Monday

Sound Travels every day here at 88Nine, and every Monday we take a listen to the best of the new recordings that have come out over the week (or earlier in the year). But The theme is about the newness and the freshness. Speaking of Fresh...

... Mariana Aydar is not a fresh face on the scene, but a working singer from Sao Paolo, Brazil who's shared the stage with many great names in Popular Brazilian music. She grew up in a musical house and ultimately pursued that passion to become a musician and is a bright young voice on the scene.  Cavaleiro Selvagem Aqui Te Sigo was recorded after a hiatus she'd taken while in Paris. While there she came to learn about the global footprint Brazilian music continues to make, past and present, and adjusted her style with that in mind. Ultimately, the album she's made is savvy and sweet, dipping into many aspects of Brazilian music for a nice, multifaceted album well worth the listen.

Mariana Aydar "Os Passionais" Cavaleiro Selvagem Aqui Te Sigo

As Gogol Bordello prepares for a tour of Russia, Russian fans are getting an undeniable treat that I think few in the West are even aware of-- a special, Russian Laguage bootleg CD that you can scoop here. The album's song list is in Russian too and I was lucky to find a translation of its freshest song "Boogie" so I could play it today. Though this isn't entirely new music, and doesn't seem to have been marketed to The States, I thought you'd find it of interest...

Gogol Bordello "Boogie" The Bootleg Album

The last song of the set is a bit of an oddity, a Tamil/English tune from India for a forthcoming film called 3 that has the Subcontinent going bonkers. The song was released in early November and has gone viral on Youtube in India. Now, even non-Tamil, English-speaking audiences are catching on. Probly because this tune is catchy as all get-out. "Why This Kolaveri Di?" ("Why So Mad, Girl") was composed by an 18-year old named  Anirudh Ravichander and is framed as a drunk boy singing a lament about his love gone bad. Universal as this may seem, this song could become a global hit. Time will tell, but for now, I'm lovin' it! Thanks to Ronnie Dhaliwali for hipping me to it.

Anirudh Ravichander "Why This Kolaveri Di?" single

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