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Kid Cut Up's New Video Mash Up

Today, we received a message from Milwaukee DJ Kid Cut Up.  Cut Up moved to LA back in the fall, and has journeyed back to Milwaukee for several gigs since then.  His focus and commitment to the Midwest remains strong, as he tours the US representing the MKE.

Kid Cut Up has been known for his original remixes and music videos, and today he released his newest video "Wait Till I Get A Dolla".

This video is a mash up of Kanye West's " Can't Tell Me Nothing" and Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar".



When we asked Cut Up why he created this new vid, he replied, " I've been living in Hollywood the past couple months and decided to make a video for my new remix so I could feel like i fit in. I guess that's what these guys do out here... make movies and such. I think one of the Terminator movies was made out here... and they made that guy their Governor!!   So here's my new remix project with a snappy video to go along with it. The subject matter is especially relevant to me now... rent is crazy out here!"

As a shameless plug, he added "I'll be playing shows in Wisconsin this week!! Dec 29th, Thursday - Bad Genie - Milwaukee, WI Dec 30th, Friday - Rogues Gallery (NEW MKE VENUE!!) - Milwaukee, WI Dec 31st, NYE - Great Dane - Madison, WI Jan 2nd, Monday - Rogues Gallery - Milwaukee, WI"

Thanks Kid, we'll see you later this week!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee