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Madison and Eau Claire Make The List For The Cities That Produced The Best Music In 2011

 A very interesting Best Of List appeared on the internet today (you got to love the internets).  A doctural student in Urban Planning at UCLA by the name of Patrick Alder created a list for the cities  that produced the best music in 2011.  Alder took data from database and press coverage and then assigned a geographical location for every artist and band on Pitchfork's Best of Lists. Then he counted the number of hits per city.  The city with the most hits would ranked this highest.  

Two Wisconsin cities made the list: Madison and Eau Claire. Eau Claire entered at #11 and Madison entered the list at #20.   Hmmm, I wonder why Eau Claire made the list. Could it have to do with the large amount of coverage of Bon Iver on Pitchfork's site?  

Of course, this list will lead to countless debates about what city is better than the next, but if you are bored at home at work, it gives you something to talk about.  Plus the list just takes in account one music site, which was Pitchfork.   Anyway, what are your thoughts? Pointless or an interesting discussion? Just curious how did Halifax and Columbia, SC make that list. (Via The Atlantic Cities)

Then Adler created another report using population as a focus. The report was based on Pitchfork Best Singles of 2011 per 100,000 people. Eau Claire came in #1 (thanks to Bon Iver).

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