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Brazil Not Samba, No Bossa


This week  Sound Travels to Brazil for a few days of fun in their sunny sounds from the "other" America. Brazil is well known for her music, though for the most part I think people reduce it in magnitude by focusing on styles like samba and bossa nova even though the country is deep in many forms that are different from the two most famous forms. So this week, music from other parts and styles, all from Brazil and all fresh... Here's how we start a thing like this...

The Gentlemen "Sorriso Selvagem"  Psychedelic Pernambuco

Ensemble Amaro De Souza "Bambelo"  Carnet De Voyage: Le Bresil

Milton Nascimento "Os Escrivos De Jo"  Milagre Dos Peixes

Mestre Suassuna E Dirceu "Maculele"  Mestre Suassuna E Dirceu

Tine "Cobrinha"  What's Happening In Pernambuco

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee