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Cinnamon And Clove, Brazilian Spice And Sounding Nice

If you've been listening to Sound Travels this week you know it's tropical. But on first listen you might not know from where. That's because even though it sounds like it could be from Brazil, it's not samba nor bossa nova. Instead, we've been getting at some of the other sounds and styles from Brazil as we escape the cold of Wisconsin for a week of fun in the sun(ny sounds of Brazil).

Cravo & Canela "Fogo Pago" Preço De Cada Um

Milton Nascimento "Tudo Que Vôce Podia Ser" Clube Da Esquina 1

La Pupuna "Ex-Quadrilha Da Fumaça" Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira

Orchestra Contemporanea De Olinda "Ta Falado a"  Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira

O Rappa "Take It Easy My Brother Charles" O Rappa

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee