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Musica Mestizaje!

Sound Travels from country to country, from theme to theme and this week we've been exploring a style of Latin music known simply as mestizaje. While I'm hard pressed to call this a ligit genre since it seems to be more of an amalgamation of genres (e.g. punk, funk, rock, ska and/or reggae), I do like its elements and it is a distinct sound even if the styles vary from artist to artist and country to country.

Let's be clear, mestizaje music is Latin music, and in some ways a catch-all for pop music from Spanish-speaking countries. Tuesday, we started the theme in Spain with some groovy sounds from Peret, The King of Rumba on a tune that brings a bit more beat to the rumba tradition in a collaboration with Argentine artist Jarabe de Palo. Early Manu Chao in the set from way back when he was in Mano Negra. Spanish actress-turned-musician Bebe, on an emotionally charged track calle "La Bicha." And a fine end to the set with the funky, yet rockin sound of Muchachito Bombo Infierno. Listen again...

Peret "El Lunar De Maria" El Rey De La Rumba

Mano Negra "Señor Matanza" Casa Babylon

Bebe "La Bicha" 

Muchachito Bombo Infierno "Mas Que Breve" Vamos Que Nos Vamos

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee