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Could There Be A New Volcano Choir Album On The Way in 2012?

To say that Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has been busy in the last couple of years, would be an understatement. From collaborating with Gayngs to producing Kathleen Edwards album to releasing Bon Iver's succesful sophomore album and even a potential collaboration with The Flaming Lips,  there seems no slowing Vernon down.  Don't forget about Bon Iver's Grammy nominations.  

It looks like he will be working on some new material with the Eau Claire and Milwaukee group Volcano Choir.  In a tweet yesterday, Justin Vernon stated that he can't wait to on his Volcano Choir record. 

No idea of a release date or whether it is just a song of a full album.  In any case, I'm very excited to see what Collections of Colonies of Bees & Justin Vernon will create.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee