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Creativity Heals: NAMI at Turner Hall/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 2

Mental illness affects many of us, both directly and indirectly. One out of four people suffer from depression at some point in their lives, and NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness-Milwaukee) knows how mental illness can impact all of us.

NAMI recently held an event entitled "Creativity Heals" at Turner Hall. This event showcased the myriad ways in which the arts (spoken word, music, visual art, etc) can provide an outlet for the demons which plague those who suffer from mental illness.

I attended the event, and was, quite frankly, floored by the dedication of participating artists and NAMI staff who made this evening possible. Listen to what these artists, as well as event organizer, Jeanette Arellano, has to say.


Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee