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Kevin Giese: Artist who Makes Milwaukee Parts 1 and 2/Make Milwaukee Week 3 2012

I am lucky to call artist Kevin Giese my friend. This sculptor is definitely a MAKER; he makes delicate, intricate sculptures that utilize natural elements such as wood and wood pitch, as well as other flora found in Wisconsin's forests.

I met with Kevin twice for this story: At home, and at his studio in the Kenilworth Building. His home is its own studio: a place of ideas, sketches, talismans found in nature, books, paintbrushes, vine charcoal, conte' crayon, etc.

His Kenilworth studio is really, really.....clean....for an art studio. His finished pieces, as well as pieces in progress are carefully arranged for work and for viewing..and it has that studio smell: turpentine mixed with fresh wood. Made me kinda nostalgic, actually (my first degree is a BFA in Studio Art).

Scroll down to hear BOTH podcasts!

And HEREis a link to his website!


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