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The Nut Factory: Art is for Everyone!/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 4

Brent Budsberg and Shana McCaw work in a Nut seriously, they do. It was once a nut factory, and it was also a factory that produced..........urinal cakes: two great tastes that go great together. But really, The Nut Factory is a work space for artists of all types, and Brent and Shana help keep this Nut Factory producing. These two art-makers are married---to one another--and they help continue the Nut Factory open-house event which takes place Saturday, February 18th, at 7 pm.

Another bizarre thing: Brent, Shana, and I all teach at MIAD, and Brent and I actually go WAY back: we were once in a band together, and we collaborated with some other artists and performers to create the first "Wearable Art" exhibit back in 1999...(yes, folks, I collected cigarette butts, sewed them together, and made a dress entirely out of cigarettes--this from a person who has acute asthma)...but I digress...

I met with Shana and Brent at the Art Bar, a Riverwest icon which features local artists' work on walls and on tables. We felt it appropriate to meet there, so we shared some bevvies and talked about how The Nut Factory contains a plethora of outstanding artists and how art MAKES MILWAUKEE.

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