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Brazilian For A Day...Featuring Lucas Santtana

Some days, I get a head full of daydreams. Actually, this happens to me just about everyday, and my daydreams are uusually about going to some other country. This explains a lot about my music taste, which is pretty global because music is a way to travel by proxy...

Anyhoo, Brazil is never too far in my land of imagination and today that reverie was prompted by a tune I've had bangin on my home stereo from experimental Brazilian recording artist Lucas Santtana. There's no "Girl From Ipanema" on his albums, but there are some great songs that push boundaries and trip elliptically around more contemporary forms. His last album, 2011's Sem Nostalgia (without nostalgia) is a a very imaginitive and irreverent take on Brazilian music that doesn't just dare to be different, it does it and does it well. 

His work has not gone unnoticed, he's on almost all of the compilations of new Brazilian music and has even found airtime on UK tastemaker Gilles Peterson's show. This song's a banger and features some nice footwork, let's go to Brazil...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee