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Six For Cinco (de Mayo)

Sound Travels was all about ska till I remembered what time it really is. Not that I don't like the ska, I love it, but Saturday is Cinco De Mayo... So I switched gears and got some Latin rock for a rainy Friday afternoon.

Latin rock because Cinco De Mayo is probly more for Latinos in America than for those in Mexico, a celebration and a link to roots in Mexico. In Mexico, it's a holiday, but no where as important as the actual day of independence which is celebrated in September. In fact, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of a victorious battle against the French who at one point controlled Mexico if not her peoples. So in that vein I've got some tunes...

Lalo Guerrero y Sus Cinco Lobos "Los Chucos Suaves"

The Champs "Tequila"

Santana "Oye Como Va"

WAR "Low Rider"

Malo "Nena"

Ozomotli "Cumbia de los Muertos"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee