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2 O'Clock Break: Back to Brazil


Marcus here filling in for an ailing Jordan Lee on today's  2 O'Clock Break and definitely had some fun with his  Sound Travels-ey theme of Brazilian music for the week. Hip Hop producers have long known the of the embarrassingly dope and deep musical richness of our Brazilian brothers'n'sisters. This week,  Jordan got it going, and I aim to keep it going till he gets back.

Today I started by thinking about the Brazilian bands I love the most and immediately, Rio De Janiero's premier funk band from the late 70's came to mind. That would be  Banda Black Rio, and there is no album of theirs that is funkier or fresher than 1977's  Maria Fumaça, especially on the classic cut "Casa Forte."

Well, nothing short of the re-treatment that  Mos Def masterminded on 2009's  Ecstaticwhen he dropped  Banda Black Rio's "Casa Forte" all over the song "Casa Bey."

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee