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Youth Voices: Zach Komes/Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 8

Not only is Zach Komes a full-time student at Rufus King High School, but he also serves as the President of the City of Milwaukee Youth Council. Komes represents the 10 th aldermanic district. Komes is just one of many students throughout Milwaukee working to get his voice heard.

Below are a few of the multiple projects that Zach’s involved with:

1) Stop MPS Stereotypes Campaign

*Facebook Group Page, Facebook Event Page with Profile Picture Project,  Tumblr with many of the profile picture project submissions.

Updates from Zach: We are accepting video responses from students, staff, parents, and allies with people saying, "I am MPS. I am not a thug. I am not a criminal. I have a future!" Sports teams, music/acting groups, etc. are invited to post videos with them proudly executing their talents as well. Click here for the video. In the next few months, we hope to have a town hall meeting with students, staff, and alumni discussing why they love MPS.

2) City of Milwaukee Youth Council

Zach is the President of Milwaukee’s Youth Commission. The council has 15 members representing each aldermanic district in the city.

*Youth Council  Website, Twitter @mkeyouthcouncil, Facebook Page.

Updates from Zach: At our meeting this Wednesday, we will be voting on a resolution to convince our U.S. Senators/House of Representative members from Wisconsin to prevent the doubling of student college loan rates from 3.4% to 6.8%. If the resolution passes, we will lobby those federal officials, while also encouraging the Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Barrett to do the same. We will likely hold a press conference.

This Wednesday's meeting will be focusing on violence prevention in public schools. You can find the agenda here.

Members of the MYC Education Committee have been attending all School Board meetings and committee meetings, as well as special Dr. Thornton community advisory committees, to represent the voices of youth to MPS.

Members of the MYC Collaboration Committee are working with Urban Underground to establish a coalition of youth-led organizations in the city.

3) Rufus King High School and Germantown Exchange Program

Exchange Program where 10-15 Germantown students will be paired with Rufus King students. May 19th-20th Germantown students will travel around the city, volunteer at local community groups, etc. On Monday, May 21st, students will attend Rufus King and then debrief after school. Rufus King students are hosting GTown students at their houses.

*This fall, Komes plans on studying Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington D.C. To hear more about the positive work Zach is doing throughout Milwaukee, click the podcast below. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee