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Every week Sound Travels with a theme in mind and this week it's all Cuban as we approach a unique street party this weekend in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. In fact, Saturday is the day to get connected with the good folks over at Cubanitas on Milwaukee street as they're hosting the only Cuban festival the city knows. 

Saturday, on the 700 block of Milwaukee Street (where Cubanitas is located), a host of bands and artists will be commandeering the street for a celebration of Cuban heritage, culture and music. Knowing this, I thought it an excellent time to explore the amazing world of Cuban music that's out there. Yesterday as well as today I played a bunch of cuts from Cuba and/or Cuban musicians and it is my hope that this great music will inspire a few of you to actually get out and give this scene a bit of your time and vitality. Not only because the music that you can see and hear there from great groups like Nabori, Clave y Afinque, Bamboleo and DJ Bachatito, but becauseyour energy and person is neccessary to make good things like this continue and grow.

And that is the reason I played these songs yesterday and today...

Ibrahim Ferrer "De Camino a La Vareda"

Juan Formel y Los Van Van "Y No Le Conviene"

Har-You Percussion Group "Welcome To The Party"

Grupo Los Caneyes "Oye Oyea"

Los Papines "Para Que Niegas"


Buena Vista Social Club "Candela"

El Timba "Descarga Bontempi"

YU SA "Candao Cerrao"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee