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Son Habanero

Been tripping on Cuban and Afro-Cuban rhythms all week here on Sound Travels in anticipation of the only all-Cuban festival the city of Brew knows; Cubanitas' Cuban Street Party. As I wrote yesterday and reiterate here; get out and support that. The music for the party is looking fresh with bands like Nabori, Bamboleo, Clave y Afinque, Salsa Brosa and Cultura en Clave as well as DJ Bachatito on the scene, how would it be otherwise? And if you've ever been to Cubanitas, you know that the food will be proper too.

So today, I followed up our journey from yesterday with some more classics and lesser-known-but-not-lesser cuts from the most-famous embargoed island in the world. While the embargo is a spite-filled tragedy of American foreign relations, the music is amazing. This is the dish I served hot and spicy today at noon... 

Manuel Licea Puntillita "La Cruz De Palo Bonito"

Joseito Fernandez "Guajira Guantanamera"

Willie Bobo "Spanish Grease"

Grupo Monumental "Si, Para Usted"

Irakere "Bacalao Con Pan"

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