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Samba Sounds Travel...

With summer heating up in Milwaukee, Sound Travels on some summertime samba vibe fresh from Brazil. All week long, we'll be enjoying some of the summer sound that I absolutely love and samba is that theme. 


For those not in the know, samba is a Brazilian dance and genre originating in Bahia and with its roots in Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) and Africa via the West African slave trade and African religious traditions. It is als pretty much what people think of when they think of Brazil and especially her carinval. Considered one of the most popular Brazilian cultural expressions, samba is iconic and a part ofBrazil's national identity.

Today, I played a hodge-podge of cuts both vintage and somewhat current, mainly with the listening experience in mind. Here's today's podcast...

Sound Travels - 06-05-12 Samba Minimix I




Zuzuka "Sou Bateiro Sim"

Riachao "Terra Hospitaliera" 

Sambada "Live Wire"

Jorginho do Imperio "Viagem Encantada"

Jorge Ben "Mas Que Nada"

Os Originais Do Samba "La Vem Salguiero"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee