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New Website for Life Long Learners | Community Stories Summer 2012

Dabble is a new online marketplace for one-time, low cost classes. Students (or Dabblers) can choose from classes on arts and entertainment, food and drink, or more business oriented topics. Currently, there’s classes on Roller Derby, an introduction to meditation and how to use Google Analytics for your business.

It was designed to help people get back into an old hobby or try a new skill without having to commit to a longer or more expensive alternative. It also provides a platform for local experts to share their passion with the community.

It began in Chicago and launched in Milwaukee in January. The class calendar and details are all online, but the classes are in person, with a self-described expert leading the way.

Co-founder Erin Hopman says “I think it gives people that right level of inspiration to decide if they’d like to pursue something further.” She wants to point out that the classes are fun and social and could be a good idea for a date night.

Most classes are held at local venues like coffee shops or event spaces - the venue owners also benefit from the extra traffic in their business.

Listen to the audio story to hear from co-founder Erin Hopman on how and why Dabble got started and the impressions from a recent class on how to make home-made dairy products like cottage cheese, butter and yogurt. The group was a mix of young professionals and curious older adults, all having fun learning a new skill.

Check out the links (and video) below to browse available classes and to learn how you can host or teach a class yourself. 






Dabble - How it works from Dabblehq on Vimeo.